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Test Driven Development Related Podcasts September 20, 2006

Posted by Patricio in Agile, Coding, Software Engineering.

It’s been an Test-Driven few weeks in the .NET podcasting scene. If you’re into it, here are some audio shows that should help you learn a little bit about this world.

  • Hanselminutes has a couple of shows on the scene. The first one is about Test Driven Development. Scott introduces the concept in a clear and cornise way, and points to various resources on the web to go and learn more about it.
  • This week he has a show about Mock Objects. The concept of Mock Objects, which many find quite a bit “over the top” for their knowledge of unit testing, is really one of the concepts that has a horrible name for the simple idea it represents – replacing real objects and classes with fake ones so you can test more easily. I haven’t listened to that show yet, but you should – Scott is an eloquent speaker.
  • .NET Rocks did a show with Jimmy Nilsson on Domain Driven Design and Development, in which he also discusses a lot the notions of Agile development and TDD. I’ve browsed through Jimmy’s latest book and I have a comment:
  • I wish Jimmy was as eloquent and clear as he is in his book. The show audio sounds almost mind numbingly quiet and sedated. No matter how hard Carl (the host) tried, I don’t think he got Jimmy into that place where he was “flowing” with his words.
  • .NET Rocks also has an older show about TDD with Jean Paul Boodhoo. It was quite hard to listen to, although Jean Paul really seems to know his stuff.


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