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Team System Videos on Channel 9 October 6, 2006

Posted by Patricio in Software Engineering, Visual Studio Team System.

There are several types of videos you will find which carry the VSTS tag. Here are some examples:

  • Demonstrations of features from the Visual Studio Team System family of products such as the Application Designer (part I & part II), how to use the Code Profiler (part I & part II), or a lap around the source control management capabilities of Team Foundation Server.
  • Interviews with people from the Team System team such as Rick LaPlante discussing pricing and licensing (part I & part II), Grace Francisco and Doug Neumann talking about source control, or the “DataDude” Team showing off the latest Team System family member.
  • Videos showcasing add-ons, power toys, and other goodies related to Team System. Some examples include CodePlex (which is built on Team Foundation Server) and FASTDash (an MSR research project which offers a new view into who is doing what in your Team Foundation Server source tree).
  • Team System-related Screencasts. Screencasts are narrated demos which offer an in-depth look at how to use certain features in the tools. Note that the Screencasts show up in a different RSS category than the Channel 9 Videos do – see below for the respective RSS feeds.

Note that the Videos and the Screencasts have different RSS feeds.

  • VSTS All [ Web ]


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