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Branching – Visual Studio Team Foundation Server with Doug Neumann February 5, 2007

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The ability to branch and merge source code with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server can really enable a team to build software in a more agile and maintainable manner. But choosing the best branching strategy can be a bit overwhelming at first. In this interview we ask Doug Neumann, Group Program Manager for Team Foundation Server, to give us a Branching and Merging primer.

From Channel9


Performance Testing Guidance Project January 28, 2007

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Available now are patterns & practices performance testing How Tos. They represent current recommended practices. They include How To Step Through Creating a Load Test in VS.NET 2005. On Channel 9.

Also find: How To Conduct Performance Testing; How To Conduct Performance Testing with Automated Load Testing Tools; How To Control the Number of Load Test Iterations in VS 2005; and so on. Good stuff eventually on its way to post on MSDN.


CommSee Project – Commonwealth Bank of Australia October 20, 2006

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CommSee is a simply amazing application written by the team at CBA. This application is visually stunning, architecturally interesting and on top of that it has delivered solid business value to the bank stakeholders, users and customers.

Title Length Size Link
CommSee Architecture Overview
Overview of the CommSee project and architecture featuring

Stuart Johnson

General Manager, Integration and Service Oriented Architecture

Jon Waldron

Database Architect

Edward Gallimore


Dan Green


26:06 206MB wmv

Tour: Patterns and Practices Lab September 27, 2006

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The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team recently renovated their development lab in order to better support their Agile development methodologies. Movable walls you can write on and “escape pods” are just a couple of the featured additions. Join C9 special correspondant Brian Keller and Patterns and Practices dudes Ed Jezierski and Peter Provost for a tour of their new digs. Cool!


Test Driven Development Related Podcasts September 20, 2006

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It’s been an Test-Driven few weeks in the .NET podcasting scene. If you’re into it, here are some audio shows that should help you learn a little bit about this world.

  • Hanselminutes has a couple of shows on the scene. The first one is about Test Driven Development. Scott introduces the concept in a clear and cornise way, and points to various resources on the web to go and learn more about it.
  • This week he has a show about Mock Objects. The concept of Mock Objects, which many find quite a bit “over the top” for their knowledge of unit testing, is really one of the concepts that has a horrible name for the simple idea it represents – replacing real objects and classes with fake ones so you can test more easily. I haven’t listened to that show yet, but you should – Scott is an eloquent speaker.
  • .NET Rocks did a show with Jimmy Nilsson on Domain Driven Design and Development, in which he also discusses a lot the notions of Agile development and TDD. I’ve browsed through Jimmy’s latest book and I have a comment:
  • I wish Jimmy was as eloquent and clear as he is in his book. The show audio sounds almost mind numbingly quiet and sedated. No matter how hard Carl (the host) tried, I don’t think he got Jimmy into that place where he was “flowing” with his words.
  • .NET Rocks also has an older show about TDD with Jean Paul Boodhoo. It was quite hard to listen to, although Jean Paul really seems to know his stuff.

VB6 and unit testing: SimplyVBUnit v2.0 September 19, 2006

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SimplyVBUnit is a VB6 Unit Testing Framework that helps to easily build unit tests in the VB6 IDE.

It is modelled after the popular NUnit for the DotNET framework.

The latest version of it is available from SourceForge.

Check out its companion projects VBCorLib and VBMock.

Continuous integration for TFS September 19, 2006

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Team Foundation Server (TFS) does not ship out of the box with a Continuous Integration capability. Mitch Denny and others at Radify have tried to address this issue with smething called TFS Integrator.

Continuous Integration (CI) is the process of continually scanning the source code repository for changes, and, once they have been detected automatically kicking off a build process to verify that the code compiles successfully. In many instances teams will tag on a round of build verification tests to ensure that not only does the code compile, but that it doesn’t catch on fire when you try to run it (smoke tests).

The software uses a TFS “event service” to plug into in order to listen for events in the source code repository. “The way it works is that whenever you do something significant in Team Foundation Server, such as checking in a file, that TFS sub-system notifies the TFS eventing system which then broadcasts that message to any subscribers. This is how you get an e-mail when another developer checks in some code,” writes Denny. Read more on TFS Integrator.

Unit Testing and Generating Source Code for Unit Test Frameworks Using Visual Studio 2005 Team System September 18, 2006

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Scott takes a detailed look at the foundation of automated unit testing, and the code-generation engine included in the Unit Testing Framework provided by Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

Updates to MSF Process Guidance for Agile development September 5, 2006

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Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Group has published updates to the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Process Guidance that shipped with Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server. This includes MSF for Agile Software Development and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement.

MSF for Agile Software Development – August 2006

MSF for CMMI Process Improvement – August 2006