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Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System is written for any software team that is considering running a software project using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), or evaluating modern software development practices for its use.

It is about the value-up paradigm of software development, which forms the basis of VSTS: its guiding ideas, why they are presented in certain ways, and how they fit into the process of managing the software lifecycle. This book is the next best thing to having an onsite coach who can lead the team through a consistent set of processes.

Sam Guckenheimer has been the chief customer advocate for VSTS, responsible for its end-to-end external design. He has written this book as a framework for thinking about software projects in a way that can be directly tooled by VSTS. It presents essential theory and practical examples to describe a realistic process for IT projects.

Readers will learn what they need to know to get started with VSTS, including

This is a book that any team using or considering VSTS should read.

“This is first and foremost a book about software engineering. In discussing flash points such as planning, documentation, governance, auditability, and organization, Sam presents the case for both agile and more formal practices, as well as describing the optimal conditions for each. Even though the material is presented in the context of VSTS, the guidance is universal.”

— Dr. Bill Curtis, chief process officer, Borland Software Corporation

“Sam Guckenheimer ushers in the era of trustworthy transparency that will revolutionize the way we manage software development projects.”

— David J. Anderson, author of Agile Management for Software Engineering

“This book is an eye opener: a door to a new era of software engineering.”

— Francis T. Delgado, senior program manager, Avanade

Table of Contents

About the Author




CHAPTER 1   A Value-Up Paradigm

CHAPTER 2   Value-Up Processes

CHAPTER 3   Requirements

CHAPTER 4   Project Management

CHAPTER 5   Architectural Design

CHAPTER 6   Development

CHAPTER 7   Testing

CHAPTER 8   Reporting Bugs

CHAPTER 9   Troubleshooting the Project

CHAPTER 10   Conclusion


About the Author

Sam Guckenheimer is the group product planner for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2003, Sam was director of Product Line Strategy at Rational Software Corporation. He holds five patents on software lifecycle tools. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Sam is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard University. Sam lives in the Puget Sound area with his wife and three of his four children.



1. Jonn - April 28, 2007

Nice site thanks!!!

2. shine - June 20, 2007

Good & Nice
Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

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